Women: you don’t have to justify yourselves

8th March 2019

This International Women’s Day we spoke to our Client Partner, and one of our founders, Sophie Gibson about how her experiences have helped her develop her approach to life.

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Talk it out

4th February 2019

Clear your head in just 60 minutes? For free? Absolutely. Find out more about why we participated in this experiment.

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Making peace with social media (and January media journal)

6th January 2019

How to use social media to your benefit, plus a list of what to read, watch and listen to in January, from strategist Evva Semenowicz.

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News at Eleven

15th August 2018

Check out what we’ve been getting up to for our clients in the very first edition of News at Eleven.

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It’s OK not to have the answer straight away

30th July 2018

Strategist Evva Semenowicz shares the most important career advice she’s ever received, and how it’s shaped her approach to her work.

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Team Eleven strengthens strategy capabilities

24th May 2018

Strategists Natasha Laming and Evva Semenowicz join Team Eleven to help take business to the next level.

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Creating good mood food for Wiltshire Farm Foods

5th March 2018

New campaign work for Wiltshire Farm Foods. Work and clients we’re extremely proud of. Read more about the pitch process and the work from Client Partner, Sophie Gibson.

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Popularity… but at a price

24th January 2018

Companies to rely even more on influencers argues Account Manager, Jennifer Wood.

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Introducing Zuck – Facebook’s new Chief Creative Officer

18th January 2018

News feed changes oblige us to bring back creativity to the platform argues Strategy Partner, Nicholas Gill.

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Postcards from the beach

12th December 2017

Thoughts from the Silicon Beach thought leadership event by Nicholas Gill, Strategy Partner.

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Be nice

27th November 2017

Nicholas Gill, Strategy Partner, reveals that you only ever need to do one thing: be nice.

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Automation will give human insight a boost, not the boot

26th July 2017

Thoughts from Strategy Partner, Nicholas Gill, on automation in marketing in latest CMO article.

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You need to stop wasting time and collaborate efficiently

21st July 2017

Remote working has been subject to much scrutiny. Nicholas Gill, Strategy Partner, explains more in Virgin Entrepreneur.

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Today’s CMO has a much broader business remit

14th June 2017

How the role of the CMO must be more than just marketing to build a strong consumer-facing brand. Strategy Partner, Nicholas Gill comments.

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Team Eleven squad player Tom Brown on words

25th May 2017

One of our favourite writers and frequent collaborator Tom Brown on how he became a copywriter and finding inspiration at the keyboard.

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Food for thought: dinner party ice cream

27th April 2017

The Grocer asked us to come up with a premium, social ice cream concept. We created ‘Occasions’, a premium ice cream that any self-respecting foodie would be proud to serve at their dinner party. See what you think…

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Pepsi: what went wrong?

6th April 2017

Featured in Shots magazine, Strategy Partner, Nicholas Gill, thinks that the Pepsi issue highlights why the distance of an agency from the inner-workings of a client business allows for objectivity and critical analysis that many not always be possible with in-house creative teams.

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Team Eleven an RAR Rated Agency

31st March 2017

The RAR has rated Team Eleven in five categories: Brand Advertising Creative, B2C – Brand Strategy, Digital Strategy, Integrated and Print Design. Nik Margolis, Managing Partner says “We’re delighted with our ratings, and even more with the lovely things our Clients have said about working with us!”.

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Nik Margolis comments on loyalty

29th March 2017

Managing Partner Nik Margolis talks about the difference in loyalty across the generations in a special Times Supplement by Raconteur.

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Sophie Gibson talks about Women in the Workplace

8th March 2017

Client Partner Sophie Gibson is featured on the Standard Life blog’s series of success stories by women in the workplace, talking about entrepreneurship.

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Value everyone for their contribution, not because of their gender

3rd March 2017

Client Partner Sophie Gibson comments in the Telegraph on her own experience of gender equality in the business place.

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What does the future hold for Fintech?

1st March 2017

Strategy Partner Nicholas Gill shares his thoughts in the latest Finance Monthly.

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Nik Margolis appointed as Managing Partner

1st March 2017

Working alongside co-founders Sophie Gibson and Nicholas Gill, Managing Partner Nik Margolis will be a key player in evolving Team Eleven’s unique model and will help build the agency’s network of partners to ensure clients such as Invisalign and Wiltshire Farm Foods continue to benefit.

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A brand guide to Houseparty, the teen app du jour

7th February 2017

Strategy Partner Nicholas Gill comments in Digiday on how brands could use Houseparty as a live research environment.

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Should social media be allowed at work?

31st January 2017

Strategy Partner Nicholas Gill comments, “We do social media for clients, so we need to spend time being involved with it. But we do ask that phones are not on the table in meetings. Notification bombardment is overwhelmingly distracting. We need to be attentive to ensure meetings are effective.”

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Trying to see the upside in Brexit

31st January 2017

Strategy Partner Nicholas Gill comments, “The short-term effect is that UK-based businesses just became a lot more attractive to clients and potential suitors headquartered in Europe or beyond. The lower value of the pound does literally mean they get more bang for their buck if their budgets are euro or dollar based.”

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More honesty required from media agencies

23rd January 2017

Commenting in Campaign this week on the question: should more media owners disclose agency rebates? Sophie Gibson, Client Partner, says ‘Yes… if the aim is to do things in the best interests of clients then full disclosure will aid this and take away any mistrust formed by recent events.

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Digital vs traditional: what works best for you?

9th January 2017

Latest thought leadership piece in Marketing Business Forum by Strategy Partner, Nicholas Gill.

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Brands should take a moral stand

28th November 2016

Commenting in Campaign this week on whether brands should pull ads because of editorial coverage, Sophie Gibson, Client Partner, says ‘Yes. Never has it been more important for brands to take a moral stand…”

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Stand up to the gender pay gap at work

10th November 2016

How can you stand up to the gender pay gap at work? Sophie Gibson, Client Partner, comments in today’s Telegraph. She advises: “Asking to leave early can sometimes be difficult. But, given that awareness of the pay gap is growing, seize the opportunity to bring it your employers attention.

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