Boehringer Ingelheim

Beat The Parasites

Responding to an immediate business situation and a limited timeframe, we deep dived into available research, uncovering new insights and building a priority roadmap through a cross-functional workshop. We created a platform – Beat The Parasites – to harness existing activity, create new activity and to provide focus and direction to re-assert product dominance:

• By rebuilding relationships and trust

• By clearly demonstrating superiority of our brands and product efficacy

• And creating emotional connections

• With an immediate audience focus on sales team and end users, farmers, due to high potential threat of not being able to communicate direct to farmer due to regulation changes.

With an imminent launch, our goal is to narrow global NPS gap to nearest competitor, increase brand belief and importance of AP portfolio among the sales team, leading to re-claiming #1 sales status.

“Team Eleven really helped us to understand our strategic needs, bringing together the disparate parts of our problem and activities into a singular platform. This has helped us to become future-ready to re-engage our key audiences with a consistent, clear and compelling campaign that has real cut-through in a generic marketplace.”

Victoria Hudson
Senior Brand Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health UK
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