CBBC Find Your Tribe Campaign

With the ever-increasing range of media and activities from Xbox to You Tube to Netflix, kids are spending less and less time with CBBC. Team Eleven worked strategically with BBC Creative, the BBC’s in-house creative team, to make CBBC relevant to their older demographic of 10-12 year-olds.

We needed to create a distinctive attitude for CBBC that connected with the insight that kids life is still about having fun, filling themselves up with knowledge, skills and entertainment. They are fast-forming skills vacuums.

CBBC is THE skills ‘hot house’ with multi-dimensional content across entertainment, learning, knowledge, sport. It’s the go – to place where kids can master skills to help express themselves, have fun and gain playground social currency.

We want kids to feel like CBBC has content for them whoever they are or want to be. We want to showcase that whatever they are into they can find a tribe to belong to, even if they have never watched CBBC. It’s a celebration of all the unique and diverse kids and how they all unite together through CBBC.

CBBC. Find Your Tribe.