Fresh-tasting brand evolution


Inspired by the owner’s passion for beer, we went all out to elevate this micro-brewery brand with premium design and packaging that looks as great as the beers taste.

Each product now has its own unique look but sits comfortably and consistently within the brand to be distinctive, whether on the bar or in the fridge. We consulted on retail distribution strategy and as a result, developed entirely new packaging for cans.

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The distinctive line illustrations remain, ensuring the brand’s heritage and good looks are maintained, but they now have so much more space to breathe. The brand and the beer name sit side by side, so drinkers can easily see what they want at an often-crowded fixture. It has all the attributes existing customers will know and love, but the clean, timeless design creates appeal that will help attract new ones.

"Team Eleven embraced the challenge: labels that make our cans stand out from the crowd in a highly competitive market. With sales of small pack beer becoming essential over the last year of closures and restrictions, Team Eleven’s work has been instrumental in us building our direct sales market."

Antony Field

Owner, Kettlesmith

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