Rebrand Project

Mudano’s vision is that, over time, it will be increasingly possible to automate projects; combining technology, data and algorithms with highly engaged teams to massively increase project efficiency and the creation of real business value. They are already saving clients millions and accelerating measurable business value.

But the Mudano brand, identity and behaviours did not reflect the excitement and potential of the business. It lacked the energy and passion of its key people and sounded really complex and functional. You just didn’t understand what it is they do. Or why. They even said it themselves when reviewing some internal work – “our business is confusing enough already!”

Using our 3D strategic framework – Discover, Develop and Deploy – we identified the growing pains of a fast-scaling start up that were significantly hampering their ambition. We developed a brand position that could bleed across the entire organisation and inform business strategy, values, behaviours and culture. A culture that is critical to delivering the vision of the business by hiring and retaining the best talent – talent that will transform an entire industry.

We deployed a new website and originated multiple film and photographic content, bringing to life the truth of the founders vision and their unique culture. The site includes an innovative search function that mirrors the data and algorithm approach of the business (and a few hidden easter eggs). A culture brochure that was the focal point of an internal re-launch off-site event and a brand model that the client can apply to the rest of their business with clarity and confidence.

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“You are not your usual agency. You listened (patiently) to what we wanted to achieve. You offered guidance (tolerantly) when we were struggling for direction. You took feedback (serenely) when we were stressing. You made decisions (bravely) when we were hesitating.

Involved in our strategy. Committed to our outcomes. Proud of our accomplishments. You took all of this and made it a little bit better, a little bit clearer and a hell of a lot more ready for the future value we are targeting. You've built us a web platform we can use ourselves and a brand model we can apply ourselves. I have not come across another agency that would make themselves redundant in this way before.

It all feels quite familiar… quite Mudano.

On behalf of my team and my Directors; thank you for everything, thank you for a job well done.”

Jonathan Summers
Co-founder, Chief Strategy Officer, Mudano
Client Quote

"Team Eleven consistently surprise us, with the level at which they understand our business. They are always on point, responsive and turns things around incredibly quickly. Working with us to provide the best model for our business, I trust them implicitly to deliver what we need."

Sarah Brett
Head of Brand, Mudano
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