Rebrand Project

A bold new strategic brand position and execution, building on a strong heritage and reputation, driving distinctiveness against changing economic conditions and increasing new entrants.  

Through a strategic review and analysis of the competitive market, we unlocked the key business issues and deep dived into the audience needs to identify the emotional drivers in choosing private heart and lung care. We developed a new and distinctively ownable brand position, manifesto and tone. This resulted in a complete creative refresh of all brand touchpoints and narrative, enabling Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital Specialist Care to retain their pioneering position in private heart and lung care and demonstrate their unique differences. Some highlights include:

•  Complete set of identity guidelines (with accompanying graphic asset pack)
•  Partnership with leading illustrator Beth Goody for launch cover of ’Case Notes’ magazine
•  124 pages Consultant Directory
•  Website and advertising

"We have a strong reputation but now we have clarity of why people should choose us and a distinctive new look in an ever increasingly competitive market. Working with multiple stakeholders can sometimes be a challenge but the team took the time to really listen and understand each perspective to find a way to combine rather than compromise. It was also a really enjoyable experience.“

Sudha Puri
Marketing Manager, Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital
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