Lily O’Brien’s

O’ so delicious


Lily O’Brien’s




The situation

In-laid chocolates are in decline. The glory days of the Milk Tray man are gone in a category filled with twee, old-world brands and stereotyped national-chocolate clichés. But Lily O’Brien’s have ambitious growth plans in the next five years…

The solution

New work – aimed at driving consideration ahead of the category battleground: key gifting occasions. It follows our strategic response which clarified the brand position, the tone and singular focus on showing that Lily O’Brien’s is the only brand that understands you and those you love.

Fastest-growing premium in-laid chocolate brand in the UK. 

Colian UK has big ambitions for Lily O’Brien’s and the new campaign heroes the brand’s two unique assets. Firstly, the Desserts Collection chocolate appears front and centre of the campaign to highlight how luxurious and different Lily O’Brien’s chocolates truly are. Secondly the O’, which is our most powerful brand asset, is already ownable, but now we are making it recognisable, memorable and campaignable. It’s hugely flexible and O’, it can be quite funny too.”

Karen Crawford, Marketing Director, Colian