A beautifully imperfect campaign


Studio London




The situation

Studio London Cosmetics is Superdrug’s biggest own brand launch and their first own brand cosmetics launch since 2017. Targeted at Gen Z consumers with diversity and inclusivity woven into the fabric of the brand, we needed to consider how we can launch the range with maximum impact in a seriously cluttered market.

The solution

A beautifully imperfect campaign

Launching Studio London to Gen Z for Superdrug. Leaving behind the beauty conformity that previous generations have known, Gen Z have been born into a time where they can be whoever they want to be. And whoever they want to be today doesn’t have to be who they’re going to be tomorrow.

By positioning the brand as wholly inclusive, it becomes a launchpad for creativity. Studio London isn’t a makeup range; it’s an artist’s palette, fuel for creative expression, the tools to create truly unique looks that reflect each and every individual personality.

With the new “I AM ____” campaign for Superdrug’s biggest own-label launch in a decade, we throw away the rulebook and let loose. Free to play and explore, the platform promotes self-expression and experimentation with an affordable and ethical make-up range.

Working with Team Eleven on launching Studio Cosmetics was a step change project for us. Bringing passion, creativity and a thorough understanding of the Customer, they delivered a great launch campaign”

Sarah Jenkins Head of Own Brand Quality at Superdrug